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Little Beautiful Akaroa,Christchurch New Zealand

Little Beautiful Akaroa,Christchurch 

Akaroa Quick facts and history

-Situated on the Banks Peninsula,Canterbury region southeast of Christchurch.

-Originally occupied by the French,then later claimed and occupied by the British


Getting there

A Journey to this beautiful peninsula will reward you with breathtaking and picturesque views at every Single turn.

Roughly 90 minutes drive from Christchurch through single lane road along winding native lush green hills offering amazing views,peace and calm. 

Gabbie’s Valley

Driving to Akaroa

We rented out a car just for this craziness! Though there are several shuttle buses services to book from.

Little River Village stop

Summit Road View


Akaroa Peninsula


Hidden in the hills of the Banks Peninsula harbour,i am instantly charmed by this little French/English village overlooking the seaside surrounded by lush green hills.Makes for a pretty spectacular sight.

As we missed our boat tour,(overbooked) for the limited time we had,decided to relax and soak in the sun.

Enjoying the sun

Enjoying the sun

Harriet feeding the bird

With a local population of few hundreds,it seemed to get busier during the weekends as one of the locals told us.

This small town has essentially one Main Street that runs along the bay,with parking in designated areas and walking distance to everything.


You could also get to do lots of other fun activities like kayaking,boat tour,swim with dolphins at the harbour ,hiking,nature walks. The Giant’s House comes highly recommended which we missed due to time.

Different nature cruises are available and all range with price and activities

Absolutely love little towns like this just to get away from the big cities and perhaps breathe some real fresh air😁 It’s just so refreshing!

I truelly enjoyed my short stay in Christchurch and already looking forward to the next visit.Can’t recommend it enough.

I shall be back…

While others’ top priorities might be waterfalls or lighthouses,mine will be the hot springs

Hokitika Gorge Scenic Reserve and definitely swim 😳or check out the dolphins (forget the swimming part,i am terrified of open water bodies.)


8 Mindset Shifts That will Change Your Online Business Forever

8 Mindset shifts that will boast your business Online forever.

Mindset, Mindset,Mindset..it all happens there doesn’t it?

From Broke Biz-Opportunity seeker to Successful Entreprenure with Long term Sustainable Income.Is really possible?

Are you an online marketer seeking to grow your business but things have not quite gone your way yet.

-You have struggled to create results.

-You do so much with little or no results to show for it?

-Do you find yourself so busy online without producing results? Shiny syndrome kinda thing?

There are five critical elements that are the foundation of any single successful marketer.
But before we go there,we need to talk about a very big shift that we all need to make.

This is a shift that many successful marketers have to make especially if your coming in from an employee mindset.

Usually people join a new venture like network marketing/online marketing/starting out in business  from a place of lack,frustration,seeking extra income,time and freedom or just looking to be your own boss.

With a burning desire to change a situation in our lives and when we do,all we focus on are SALES and chasing THE SALES.Spamming social media with links,and products.We become the REAL Biz-Opp Seeker.

But here is the thing,this focus on sales alone usually does not benefit us at all.You end up chasing your tail.Learnt the hard way.

Here are 8 mindset shifts to make from being a Biz-Opp seeker to that of an Entreprenure.

So let’s try to do a reality check here:do you find yourself in any of these situations?

How the Biz-Opp seeker operates  :

  1. With no strategy or plan.
  2. Is Constantly seeking quick fixes.
  3. Constantly seeking answers.
  4. Wants instant results.
  5. Fearful to spend money into their business.
  6. Wish that it was easier
  7. Simply ‘trying’everything.
  8. Starts & Stops.

Can you relate to a couple of these things?

 Entreprenure mindset:

  1. Strategic and detailed plan.What separates the dreamers from the doers are the goals and plans.Without these,your dreams will remain a someday phenomenon instead of todays reality.Goals are the key ingredient that helps us stay focus,consistent and diligent on our path to achieving our dreams.
  2. Implements their plan.Of what use is a plan with no action?
  3. Provides answers instead of seeking and solves problems as they come.
  4. Has a long term vision & focus.
  5. Understands investment.Investing in self is the single best investment i have made.
  6. Works at becoming better.
  7. Says ‘NO’. Instead of ‘YES’ to every opportunity.Learning to say ‘No’ takes guts i know and it is the one thing that many people including mysefl struggle with.
  8. Stay the course toward their goals.

If you make some of these little  mindsets shifts into your business,you will begin to see dramatic differences in your life and business.

8 Mindset shifts that will Change your Business Forever.

8 Mindset Shifts that will Change Your Business Forever

Now the five critical elements that we talked about earlier,will be in 5 questions to help you measure up to having your successful online marketing business.

If the answers to these questions is a ‘Yes’then,you are heading in the right path but if one of them is a NO perhaps that’s the area you should be working on.

Mindset shift Questions;answer honestly

Qn 1: Do you have a business and marketing plan for the next 6-12 months?Do you know what your plan is? Do you have a game plan,strategy? If you don’t have a plan yet then here is the thing, someone else will come and give you a plan.

Qn 2: Are you creating and sharing content at least 2-3 times a week.As in blog posts? Regularly,consistently day in day out?

Qn 3:Are you adding a minimum of 10-20 leads per day? Are you growing your audience?

Qn 4:Are you consistently acquiring new customers on your list at least 5 per week?

Qn 5:Are you offering a multi-level tier product list on a regular and consistent to help you make multiply streams of income ?

HERE is a VALUABLE resource i want to share,A private VIP access to an INNER Circle of TOP-Secret High Level Mastermind  Training to SkyRocket your business .Click here




Travel abroad for the first time like a pro

 Travelling abroad for the first time?Don’t worry,i got you covered.

Here are simple tips to help you travel like a pro.

1.Passports and Visa.Passport must be up to date and that your visa and passport both have the correct names and bio data.Some countries do not allow travel if visa is under 6 months

Do you need a visa or do you not require a visa? Do that research in advance.I have had many people on my flights deported back for not checking the visa requirements.

Have your passport copies in hard and soft copies saved with you or email,in case you get robbed.I once met a lovely Indian couple who had been robbed of their handbag which had their passports and cash at a dinner in Athens

Do not be caught off guard at the immigration.check out the border restrictions for importation.

2.Health checks.Better safe than sorry.Check out what vaccinations are needed  .Visit your doctor and restock up on what you may need during the time your away.

**Traveling abroad is not that daunting after all with all due measurements.

3.Money.From my 8 years of travel,always have local cash changed before your travel if you can. Not all places accept cards like trains and bus stations.Airport exchange rates are not friendly either.

Do not get blocked using your credit abroad,call your card provider beforehand.I have had some unpleasant experience in China

Look up the exchange rates before you travel to avoid any surprises.I get visitors to dubai and they are in utter shock when they start doing conversions.

4.Local research.whats fun to do? Eats? How do I get around? This way you will not miss out on the festivies .Best to buy event tickets or book flights way in advance.

5.Getting around.What is the best way to get around the city. Taxi,metro,bike,walking? Sometimes the best way to experience is the cheapest way.Be sure to catch metro or train if there is one.Usually is less pricey.

Get guide books and maps at airports,or with the concierge at your hotel.

6.Pro tip:Check the weather to guide your packing.

7.Travel adaptors:With a digital dependant era,our gadgets have become must haves.airlines airports and hotels are adapting real fast.usb ports being installed everywhere.




Get Your Inside Scoop On Inflight Etiquette Secrets

Inflight Etiquette part 1

With  8 years of flying In my bag of experiences,inflight or travel etiquette  is something many flight attendants would wish all travelers followed to make travel simple.

So i’ll do my best to break it down!

Boarding: Having your boarding passes ready to show the flight attendants according to me,is the first Inflight Etiquette without question.

Yes,it is annoying when asked for the 3rd or 5th time ..but hey who knows,you could be boarding the wrong vessel😳.And as they say the cabin crew are the last line of defense just as a final safety measure it is mandatory!!


Show your boarding pass

What you didn’t know crew look for on your boarding pass:

  • Flight Number,KQ 123
  • The date, 18/01/18
  • Destination,Mombasa
  • Lastly seat number,18G

It surprises me how some passengers feel offended and become so rude when asked to show boarding passes….You don’t want to hear the horror stories i have on this.

Big and grand

If travelers adopted Etiquette of urgency as they walk to their seats during boarding, flight departures wouldn’t be as stressful.Ideal situation,walk straight to seat,place bag as fast as possible and take a seat.Let others settle in.

With airlines opting for bigger and grander planes, it is no wonder becoming more difficult to maintain on time departures, if you have to board more than 500 passengers into one plane.

Overhead bins/stowages:If you cannot lift your own carry-on into the overhead compartment then perhaps it should be checked in.Place your carry-on in the overhead above or closest to you.

Pro tip:keep important documents,passport and money close to you.Inflight thefts do happen.

 Get your inside scoop Inflight etiquette secrets part 2

Inflight seats:Since the person in the middle seat does not have many options,it is good Etiquette to let the person in the middle seat use the arm rests in between.

If you need to recline your seat,check with the person seated behind,they could be 6ft tall or have a glass of red wine that will come gashing down.

Pro tip:make sure to have your seat upright during meal times.

Inflight entertainment screens: are now the way to go for most international carriers and what better way to hide it at the back of  the seat in front of you.Many fights have ensued from the irritating poking of screens.

On food and beverages inflight:seriously what is the biggie if you wanted fish and got chicken?This area is a huge grey area in the airline business sometimes your lucky to get it right sometimes not! Make a special order while booking your Ticket if you have dietary requirements.

Pro tip: after you enjoyed the meal,leave your tray tidy for easy clearance crew will love you for that.

Alcohol:Many airlines serve complimentary alcohol though its increasingly becoming the number one disruptive factor.Travelers need not go overboard on this.The flight altitude and environment makes you get drunk a lot faster.

Alcohol on board

Take it easy on the Alcohol.

Inflight etiquette on health and hygiene:the planes just like any other public places are fested with germs.Having hand sanitizers or anti bacterial wipes during the trip comes in handy.

Because of the short time planes have to be prepped for the next flight,usually in less than 25mins,it is a good idea to wipe the remotes,tv screens,arm rests as you settle in.

Inflight etiquette inside scoop

Not sure who used this seat before me!!

Inflight etiquette on phones and conversations: with increased connectivity onboard aircrafts,we can now stay connected at 39,000ft, which is great! One traveler demanded i connect her immediately as its an addiction,whereas it might be for her and the likes,many find that time for relaxing and just need some peace and quiet.Just keep it low!

Flight attendants:be nice to them,you are stuck with them for so many hours you just might never know when a situation arises to save you!!

Before and after landing flight etiquette part 3

How do you leave the aircraft:dirty?clean ?whose mess ? or who cares?

From observation some travelers do not really mind if they are stuffed with rubbish for 16 hours they are on board,yet in normal circumstances they would not sit in such a mess at home.

Get rid of trash when the crew do their rounds or  get paper bags and put rubbish in one place,dispose off in the toilets or trash bags provided in the galleys.

Pro tip: for hygiene purposes dispose pampers in the toilet wastebins only and no where else.

All in all,less messy cabins means quicker turn around for aircrafts and more on-time departures.

Before disembarkation make it a habit to always check your seat pockets and seating areas.Once you leave the aircraft you cannot access it back for security reasons…


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