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Who is Harriet Generosa anyway?

Harriet is a simple, fun loving, adventurous girl from Kampala now living in Dubai who started traveling at age 23 with a middle eastern airline in 2010

Fast forward …

8 years later,i can say my work has taken me to many beautiful destinations and some not so nice destinations.

Though the stay is usually short,i can say that sampling the destination is a great way in my circumstances to get the vibe there and if i am wowed ,i always make it a point to go back on vacation.

I believe we all have something to give back to the universe.That there is something special in each one of us,whether to educate,inform,coach or mentor.There is always something!

With the wealth of experiences i was gaining through travel,i want to share my journey.

Harriet’s Turning Point

I was inspired to do this blog by my coach who  from the first day of meeting her encouraged me to challenge myself and rise up.

With my job giving me lots of free time in between my trips,i figured this is a great way to start learning a different set of skills,and over the last few months in addition to learning and crafting out my blog i have gained massive interest in social media marketing.

On Harriet’s Blog

You will find a mix of both,pleasure(travel) and Business related blogs and resources.

I hope you find it fun,enjoyable and useful.

Yours Truly,


Your thoughts become your reality


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