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8 Mindset Shifts That will Change Your Online Business Forever

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8 Mindset shifts that will boast your business Online forever.

Mindset, Mindset,Mindset..it all happens there doesn’t it?

From Broke Biz-Opportunity seeker to Successful Entreprenure with Long term Sustainable Income.Is really possible?

Are you an online marketer seeking to grow your business but things have not quite gone your way yet.

-You have struggled to create results.

-You do so much with little or no results to show for it?

-Do you find yourself so busy online without producing results? Shiny syndrome kinda thing?

There are five critical elements that are the foundation of any single successful marketer.
But before we go there,we need to talk about a very big shift that we all need to make.

This is a shift that many successful marketers have to make especially if your coming in from an employee mindset.

Usually people join a new venture like network marketing/online marketing/starting out in business  from a place of lack,frustration,seeking extra income,time and freedom or just looking to be your own boss.

With a burning desire to change a situation in our lives and when we do,all we focus on are SALES and chasing THE SALES.Spamming social media with links,and products.We become the REAL Biz-Opp Seeker.

But here is the thing,this focus on sales alone usually does not benefit us at all.You end up chasing your tail.Learnt the hard way.

Here are 8 mindset shifts to make from being a Biz-Opp seeker to that of an Entreprenure.

So let’s try to do a reality check here:do you find yourself in any of these situations?

How the Biz-Opp seeker operates  :

  1. With no strategy or plan.
  2. Is Constantly seeking quick fixes.
  3. Constantly seeking answers.
  4. Wants instant results.
  5. Fearful to spend money into their business.
  6. Wish that it was easier
  7. Simply ‘trying’everything.
  8. Starts & Stops.

Can you relate to a couple of these things?

 Entreprenure mindset:

  1. Strategic and detailed plan.What separates the dreamers from the doers are the goals and plans.Without these,your dreams will remain a someday phenomenon instead of todays reality.Goals are the key ingredient that helps us stay focus,consistent and diligent on our path to achieving our dreams.
  2. Implements their plan.Of what use is a plan with no action?
  3. Provides answers instead of seeking and solves problems as they come.
  4. Has a long term vision & focus.
  5. Understands investment.Investing in self is the single best investment i have made.
  6. Works at becoming better.
  7. Says ‘NO’. Instead of ‘YES’ to every opportunity.Learning to say ‘No’ takes guts i know and it is the one thing that many people including mysefl struggle with.
  8. Stay the course toward their goals.

If you make some of these little  mindsets shifts into your business,you will begin to see dramatic differences in your life and business.

8 Mindset shifts that will Change your Business Forever.

8 Mindset Shifts that will Change Your Business Forever

Now the five critical elements that we talked about earlier,will be in 5 questions to help you measure up to having your successful online marketing business.

If the answers to these questions is a ‘Yes’then,you are heading in the right path but if one of them is a NO perhaps that’s the area you should be working on.

Mindset shift Questions;answer honestly

Qn 1: Do you have a business and marketing plan for the next 6-12 months?Do you know what your plan is? Do you have a game plan,strategy? If you don’t have a plan yet then here is the thing, someone else will come and give you a plan.

Qn 2: Are you creating and sharing content at least 2-3 times a week.As in blog posts? Regularly,consistently day in day out?

Qn 3:Are you adding a minimum of 10-20 leads per day? Are you growing your audience?

Qn 4:Are you consistently acquiring new customers on your list at least 5 per week?

Qn 5:Are you offering a multi-level tier product list on a regular and consistent to help you make multiply streams of income ?

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  1. Wow Harriet,

    you cannot imagine how proud of you I am. This is a Major achievement and Something you absolutely must celebrate. Now It definitely took a mindset shift to get this done. We your audience are ready and hungry to be served by you. Keep rocking! 🙂

    Julie Sylvia

    • GenerosaHarriet

      Hey Julie, thank you for all your encouragement and support in this journey.I had to keep making mindset shifts every single time to drive me to this.

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