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My Go-to-Resources 

👉Curious to know which tools i used to build this site? Especially from someone with no IT background? 

👉Resources for training Home based Businesses /Network Marketers/Affiliate Marketing how to leaverage Social Media in their business

👉Book Recommendations 

Over the months I’ve tried and tested a lot of programs and tools and these are the ones that I stamp my personal approval on. These are my tools that I personally use right now today!


Please note: Some of the Tools below have my affiliate link attached and I may earn a small commission, no extra charge to you of course. However, I have these tools on this page not because a make a small commission when you purchase the tool, but because I use these in my daily operations and they are helpful in my business. When deciding on a certain tool or program a good question to ask yourself is
“Will this Help me to Achieve My Goals?”

My Site Building Journey

It Certainly takes grit to embark on a journey to build a site.Not that it is very difficult these days.But for me it is such a great achievement to know that i paid for courses to actually get training on how to do it right!

The Ultimate Branding Blue Print:This course literally simplified my life.I never imagined in my wildest dream to have a home on the internet but the UBB eventually did help me get a home.With this step by step tutorial,your blog can be up in a matter of hours. Click Here to Learn More.

The Home Business Survival Guide -Dive into these skills immediately and start learning.Easy to use tools and step -by-step guide by coach Tanya Aliza breaks it down for u in the simplest of languages.Click Here to Get More Access

Social Media Training Resources

When it comes to learning about Social Media to grow myself and my business adventures I have many resources i use on a regular basis.It is the industry that never sleeps or stops.If learnt well,the systems created work for you 24/7.

Book Recommendations

I would give my last penny for a good book but not just any,am more interested in transformational books, books that i read and have an impact in my life.Stories based on true stories...

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